Your Small Business Should Give Staffing Agency Hiring A Serious Consideration

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Are you a small business owner? If so, you may perform many business-related duties by yourself. Perhaps you have a few employees but sometimes encounter issues that are difficult to resolve in-house. The following will help you better understand how an employment agency, such as Staffing Solutions, LLC, could contribute to smoother business operations.

Access to Certified and Degree Professionals

Some recent graduates may find it difficult to find stable employment in their industries, which may lead them to seek employment from a staffing agency. Others with years of experience who are in their retirement years may do the same in an effort to supplement their retirement income. These credentialed professionals can benefit your company because they have the training to perform tasks that might be assigned to departments in larger businesses. For example, tech, finance, and hr management are fields where specialized degrees and certificates that could qualify individuals to perform tasks at your business, and sometimes large businesses employ people with these credentials in their IT, accounting, and HR departments. 

Peak Season Labor

Perhaps you and your full-time staff can handle business operations most of the time, but you may have a peak season each year and could benefit from extra help. Rather than overexerting your employees, you could hire temporary staff through an employment agency to keep up with your business demands. When your full-time employees take their vacations, you could also temporarily hire help via a staffing agency.

Avoid High Turnover Rates

If you have ever tried hiring people in-house and experienced them quitting, you may have a trend that is referred to as high turnover rate. You may have found yourself having to train new employees and gotten frustrated when they quit too. Hiring through an employment agency means that you would likely not have to go through the process of finding new hires. This is because staffing agencies usually have a number of applicants who are waiting for them to call saying that they have a position open. You can choose to have a probationary period, and if you decide to permanently hire someone that the employment agency sends to your business, there is likely a way to arrange this.

Expedited Hiring Processes

When you employ individuals through an employment agency, the normal screening and testing you would do in-house will likely have already been done by the agency to pre-qualify candidates. For example, if you needed office help, the agency will likely test candidates to ensure that they can type and perform other office duties, and they can furnish test results to you. Background check results may also be performed by the agency if it is your preference.

An employment agency is the best resource to use to discover the types of talents available that could benefit your small business. Some firms may not have qualified job seekers in certain fields, and others may only have candidates available in one industry. For example, an employment agency might only provide bookkeeping and accounting services.